Tips for Selling Your Home at Christmas

Many real estate agents will discourage you from trying to sell your home during the Christmas holidays, but if you’re committed to having your home on the market there are some advantages to the season. Buyers continuing to view homes through December and January tend to be more serious, usually driven by impending life changes or relocation requirements. Since most sellers take their homes off the market over the holidays, there are fewer homes and the competition is less fierce.

If you’re continuing to market and show Fort McMurray real estate over the holidays, here are some tips to help give you an edge at Christmas.

Price your home right
Making sure you have the optimal price is most important during the holidays. With fewer buyers on the market, you’ll want an experienced agent specializing in Fort McMurray homes with the ability to analyze current trends and statistics to make sure your home is priced competitively.

Go easy on the decorations
When you’re selling your home there is such a thing as too much Christmas cheer. If your home typically bursts with decorations during the holidays, scale things back as much as possible. Choose a smaller tree and keep the seasonal decor to a strategic minimum.

Pick decorations with broad appeal
Remember not everyone celebrates the same way this time of year, and you want potential buyers to be able to envision their own holiday traditions in your space. Go for winter and nature-themed decorations such as garlands instead of items that are linked to specific religious holidays.

Keep your space clutter-free
Instead of a pile of gifts spilling out from under a tree, consider keeping wrapped presents out of sight in a closet until Christmas Eve or stacked neatly and unobtrusively in a corner. Prospective buyers are trying to get a feel for the size and space in your home: the more items you have on display the more cramped and small the space will appear.

Curb appeal over the holidays
Make sure your home looks its absolute best from the outside. Bare trees mean more of your home is exposed to the street, so exterior maintenance is key. Scale back the scope of your outdoor holiday decorations: a few strings of lights can make your home look great this time of year, but large inflatable lawn ornaments are a distraction. Also, consider safety: make sure to keep the walks and driveways shovelled and ice-free.

Use seasonal ambiance to your advantage
Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere when showing your home over the holidays. Turn on the fireplace, play soft music, and create pleasing aromas with greenery, holiday baking or warm ciders. Set a plate of cookies out for buyers to enjoy while viewing your space.

Be as flexible as possible with show times
Keep your schedule open during the holidays and be extra flexible when it comes to showing your home: Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, and both buyers and sellers are trying to work around holiday events. The more willing you are to accommodate the buyer’s schedule the more likely you’ll garner goodwill and a good offer.