Things We Love About Fort McMurray

There are some great reasons to live in and move to Fort McMurray, and as long-time residents, the team at The Lore Group wanted to share our favourite things about living here in beautiful northern Alberta!

  1. Admiring the vibrant fall foliage that fills the parks and trails.
  2. Indulging in a cafe latte and scrumptious fresh sunshine bread in the afternoon shade of the trees on the deck of Mitchell’s Cafe.
  3. Watching the bright colours of the northern lights dance across the midnight sky.
  4. Discovering heaps of literary treasures in the Fort McMurray Public Library at MacDonald Island.
  5. Getting spooked at Chateau Boo, the scary haunted house hosted annually by the Fort McMurray Boys & Girls Club.
  6. Falling in love with a new canine friend at the Fort McMurray SPCA.
  7. Finding new goodies from the vendors at the Fort McMurray Tourism Fall Trade Show at MacDonald Island.
  8. Choosing one too many pieces of decadent, rich, handmade chocolate from the showcases at Chocolates & Candlelight in Timberlea.
  9. Teeing off for the last few nostalgic swings of golf in the fall crisp morning air at the Fort McMurray Golf Club.
  10. Dropping a fishing line into the Clearwater River at lunch break.
  11. Taking in the marvellously entertaining theatre productions at Keyano College.
  12. Getting covered in mud quading on the trails in Prairie Creek.
  13. Watching dozens of children run through the spray water at the park for the final splash of the season at J. Howard Pew Park in Waterways.
  14. Cheering on the Oil Barons as they kick some butt and take some names at the Centrefire Centre.
  15. Yanking lake trout from the back of my tailgate at Texaco Park.
  16. Brisk morning mountain bike rides on Birchwood Trails.
  17. Finding a one-of-a-kind work of art from local talent at the MacDonald Island Public Gallery.
  18. Admiring the beautiful sunset as we unwind and relax on the sandy beaches of Gregoire Lake.
  19. Finding fabulous fall fashions at the Peter Pond Mall.
  20. Devouring a juicy and oh-so-delicious burger at Earls Restaurant Lounge.
  21. Delectable sushi and Japanese food at Spring Moon in Eagle Ridge.
  22. Heritage Park’s Gift Shop. Not only is there a taste of history but also a wonderful assortment of great gift items.

What’s your favourite thing about Fort McMurray? Join us on The Lore Group Facebook page or comment here on the blog and share your favourite things with us. You’ll be entered to receive a great gift courtesy of one of our local businesses!