Summer Home Selling Tips

Today marks the longest day of the year and the official start of summer here in Fort McMurray, and we know you’re all excited to enjoy the long, warm days. But if you’re trying to sell your Fort McMurray home this summer, you’ve probably got other things on your mind besides camping trips and BBQs.

Selling a home in the summer can be a tricky affair for exactly the same reasons most people love summer so much: it’s warm, we’ve got vacation plans on the brain, our kids are out of school, and buying real estate is often the last thing on people’s To Do list. Fort McMurray home sellers often have fewer showings when they put their home on the market in the summer, and it’s vitally important to make the most of the showings you do get. Buyers are out there looking, and if you want your home to get noticed you’ll need to spend some extra time getting your home – and your yard – in tip-top summer shape.

Outdoor Appeal

Curb appeal and outdoor spaces are never more important than during the summer months, and sellers should make sure they keep their front and back yards impeccable to capitalize on a home buyer’s natural inclination to notice these spaces more this season.

  • Mow your lawns regularly: at least once a week, and when the grass is growing fast twice a week is a must. Reseed and sod any patchy bits of lawn, and water regularly to ensure it stays a rich, healthy green colour.
  • Trim any trees, bushes or shrubs to make sure they’re neat and tidy.
  • Plant colourful flowers in gardens, boxes and hanging baskets. It’s summertime, and your yard planters should look the part and be in full bloom. Make sure you weed and water regularly.
  • Decks and patios should be cleaned and looked their best. Use a power washer to get off must and caked-on dirt, and if your deck has been stained it might be time for a fresh coat. If you have patio furniture make sure it’s clean and appropriately sized for your space. Staging is just as important for outside spaces as it is for indoor ones!
  • If you have a pet who roams your backyard, make sure you clean up after it regularly: the last thing you want is for one of your buyers to step in something your dog has left behind!

Indoor Details

Make sure the inside of your house looks great and is kept clean all the time: you don’t always get much warning when it comes to showings, so it’s best to be prepared and accommodating to anyone willing to view your home.

  • Pay attention to the temperature and adjust accordingly. If it’s been hot and you don’t have air conditioning, you may need to bring out a few fans to keep the indoor temperature down. When it comes to fans, remember to turn them down just before you leave for a showing: a gentle breeze is fine, but a fan on high can be noisy and annoying to prospective buyers.
  • Pack away all your winter boots and clothing. In the heart of summer, the last thing a prospective buyer wants to think about is winter!
  • Fresh flowers add a lovely summer quality to your rooms. Make sure they’re colourful and in good condition: wilting flowers should be tossed immediately.
  • Open the windows. Unless it’s raining, it’s better to keep air moving and prevent rooms from getting musty. Keep blinds up and window treatments pulled neatly back to showcase your home’s summer views. Keep your winds clean and free of fingerprints and streaks.

Time to Show

When it comes time for potential buyers to view your home, it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable and can focus on the task at hand: falling in love with your home!

  • Leave your home while buyers are viewing to ensure they feel comfortable in the space and don’t feel like they’re being watched.
  • Take your pets with you. Take your dog to the park or for a drive while your home is being shown. Your pet might be adorable and friendly, but it’s best if buyers don’t have to navigate around pets or worry about accidentally letting them escape while they’re viewing your property. If your cat or dog must be at home during the showing, crate them or put them in a closed room and leave a note letting the agent and buyers know there is a pet in the house and where it can be found.
  • Provide cool beverages for prospective buyers. A jug of ice water or lemonade on particularly hot and muggy days is always greatly appreciated and leaves a positive impression.