Spring Cleaning: Get Your Home Ready to Sell

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and spring has finally sprung in Fort McMurray. If you’re planning on selling your home this spring you should know that curb appeal is never a more important factor than during the early spring months. Your home’s exterior and yard are the first things a prospective buyer sees, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A clean, well-kept yard with spring touches can make a huge difference when selling Fort McMurray real estate.

Spending just a little bit of time and money on your yard this time of year can make a big difference when it comes to how quickly your home will sell and how much you’ll get for it. Here are just a few ways you can give your Fort McMurray home for sale a spring facelift.

7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Fort McMurray Real Estate Market


  • Take down Christmas and winter-themed decorations – Any holiday or winter decor should come down ASAP if you’re trying to sell your home, including Christmas lights. Many people leave their lights up all year round even if they don’t turn them on: if you’re selling, this is the year to take everything down. You have to pack them anyway, right?

  • Spread the snow around – After a long winter of shovelling, most of us end up with snow piled high on certain parts of our lawns. Grab your shovel one last time to knock these piles down and spread the snow more evenly across the lawn. This will help those piles melt faster and prevent snow mould.

  • Get a jump on spring yard work – Get your spring yard work out of the way as early as possible. Pick up garbage and debris that has accumulated in the snow over the winter, and make sure your lawn is raked, fertilized and aerated as soon as possible. If you have active children who like to play outside, remember to keep your front and back yard clutter-free. Find an unobtrusive place to store bikes, skateboards and other outdoor toys and equipment.

  • Wash siding and driveways – If your siding looks dirty, cleaning away months of grime can make a world of difference. Rent or borrow a power washer, or have professionals come and pressure clean your siding. Giving your driveways and sidewalks a good spray is also worthwhile: cleaning accumulated salt, oil spots and stains off your pavement can make your driveway look like new again.

  • Wash your windows – Nothing makes the exterior — and interior — of your house shine better in the refreshing spring sunshine than crystal-clean window panes. Washing your windows inside and out can give your home a polished, well-kept look that attracts buyers.

  • Refresh decks and fences – While you’ve got that power washer out, give your deck and fences a good clean and, if needed, a fresh coat of paint or stain. A little bit of work goes a long way, and outdoor wood that looks well-cared for is an immediate draw.

  • Spring flowers – Nothing says spring better than blooming flowers, so get your flower beds cleaned and planted as soon as you can. If you’re worried about late frosts, plant in hanging baskets and movable pots that can be placed outside in the sun and easily brought in if temperatures drop.